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Similac Total Comfort No.2 Infant Formula For 6-12 Monthes 360 Gm

Nutritionally complete, easy-to-digest formula specially designed to promote childs digestive comfort and health for babies 6-12 month old


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  • 360g
  • for infants 6-12 months
  • no palm olein oil
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% partially hydrolysed whey protein broken to smaller molecules.
  • Formulated with changing nutritional needs in mind as your infant grows providing special care and comfort as it is specially formulated to be gentle on tiny tummies
  • Contains Tummy Care System, including gentle protein and minimal lactose
  • It also contains an easy-to-digest vegetable fat blend without Palm Olein oil
  • Contains the distinguished Eye-Q Plus system of nutrients, including AA, DHA, Omega-3 & 6, Taurine, Choline, Lutein, and Iron, which are key building blocks for brain and visual development
  • Contains a distinguished combination of Immunify ingredients including nucleotides and prebiotics
  • Promotes softer stools
  • Promotes a healthy digestive system and growth of good bacteria
  • Easy to digest


Store unopened tin under normal room temperature conditions not to exceed 25C. Once this tin is opened, contents should be used within three weeks. Cover opened tin and store in a cool, dry place, not in refrigerator

1. Thoroughly wash feeding bottle, nipple, cap and all utensils to be used in preparing the feeding

2. After rinsing soap from the utensils, boil them for 5 minutes

3. Provide a clean surface on which to prepare the formula

4. In a separate pan, heat water to a rolling boil for 5 minutes and allow it to cool 5. Pour the correct amount of warm, previously boiled water into the sterilized feeding bottle

6. Fill enclosed scoop by pressing against the tin, then scrape level with the straight edge of a knife

7. Add one level scoop of powder to each 60ml of water in the bottle

8. Mix until completely dissolved. Test temperature and feed.

9. Discard unused formula within 1 hour

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